Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An R Resource

Catching up on some backlogged blog reading, I came across several interesting posts about R on John D. Cook's blog (The Endeavor).  Happily, there is an index of all R-related posts there, so I can record one link here (where I'm unlikely to lose it) and catch any new posts with it.  There's a ton of information to mined acquired from those posts.  (I didn't want to get the data-mining crowd whipped into a frenzy, hence the edit).  Among other things, I learned why S (and R by inheritance) has the convention of using a dot to create compound variable names (apparently underscore is an assignment operator in S).  That's one less itch to scratch.

On the same blog, there is also an interesting (and interactive) diagram of the relationships among various distributions.  This could be quite useful in a probability and statistics course.


  1. Great point. When I started R I used to think that dots are for object properties. Took me a long time to really realize what is going on :)

    For matlab users this PDF can really help in using R http://matlab2r.googlecode.com/files/Matlab-R.pdf


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