Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"New" OR Educational Resource

Okay, it's not really new -- the author, Francisco Yuraszeck (professor at the Universidad Santa Maria in Chile) tells me he started it more than two years ago -- but it's new to me. Gestión de Operaciones  ("Operations Management") describes itself as a "blog on Management and Operations Research with tutorials and solved exercises". (At least that is what it says if Google Translate can be trusted; I had one Spanish class, in the summer before ninth grade, which barely allows me to order an occasional cerveza ... in a Castilian "lisp".) Professor Yuraszeck tells me he started it as an aid to OR students in all Spanish-speaking countries.

I have not actually poked around the examples and exercises, but they look pretty good on cursory inspection. The site is tied to a YouTube channel with OR videos (in Spanish), and there is at least one "sketch book" available for download. Almost all the content is free, the one current exception being an introductory ebook on linear programming available for a dollar or two (the minimal royalties for which help offset site costs).

Overall, the site seems to be very well done: organized well, easy to navigate, visually appealing, with lots of pertinent content. It would be nice to see the blog gain visibility.

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  1. Dear Paul:
    Definitivamente no lo podrías haber descrito de mejor forma, es un excelente resumen! (Definitely you could not have described it better, it is an excellent summary!)
    Thanks again for your support and confident.
    Count with a friend of Chile :)


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