Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ORiginals - Videos About Research

ORiginals is a YouTube channel co-hosted by Dr. Banafsheh Behzad (@banafsheh_b) of CSU Long Beach and my colleague Dr. David Morrison (@drmorr0). They present short (five or six minute) videos featuring researchers describing their research to a general (non-expert) audience. Their tag line is "Outstanding research in everyday language", and I think the first two installments have lived up to that mantra.

The first two videos, by Dr. Behzad and the net-biquitous Dr. Laura McLay (@lauramclay) of the University of Wisconsin, fall into the category of operations research. The aim of the channel, however, is more general. Quoting Dr. Behzad:
The goal of ORiginals is to promote science and engineering topics among the general public, using everyday language. We are featuring a diverse selection of scientists doing cutting-edge research. This is the first season of ORiginals and even though we aren't specifically OR/MS-focused, we'll have a slight bias in that direction with our guest selection, as David and I are both OR people.
If you're interested in seeing quality research explained in lay terms, I highly recommend subscribing to the channel. If you're doing scientific/engineering research that has measurable impact (or the potential for measurable impact) in the real world (sorry, boson-chasers), and you'd like to spread the gospel, I suggest you contact one of the co-hosts. (They're millennials, so a DM on Twitter is probably more effective than an email message. )

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