Thursday, April 13, 2023

The rJava Curse Strikes Again

Apparently I have not needed the rJava R package in a while, because when I wanted to install an R package today that has rJava as a dependency, it was not there. So I tried to install it (this is on Linux Mint), and of course it failed to install. I have a long history of installation battles with rJava (see here, here and here in chronological order ... or better still don't traumatize yourself by reading them). Why should this time be different?

All my previous battles involved older versions of Java with apparently different directory locations or structures, and none of the previous fixes worked. After considerable aggravation, I found a very helpful post by "datawookie" that nearly got the job done. I did in fact get an error message about "jni" and used the trick in datawookie's post of setting JAVA_HOME to the correct path (in my case to Open JDK 17) as an argument to javareconf. When I then attempted to install rJava, I got a different error ("could not find -lbz2"), which prompted me to install ("sudo apt-get install"), after which R was finally able to install rJava (woo-hoo!).

I'd say this is getting ridiculous, but we passed that milestone years ago.

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