Saturday, August 15, 2020

Firefox and the New Blogger Interface

Blogger has a (relatively) new interface, to which I switched a while back. The one major annoyance I found was that clicking the "Preview" button while editing a post did not actually generate a preview. I got a notification (lower left) that the preview was being prepared, and then ... nothing. To get a preview, I had to save my work, exit the edit screen (going back to the Blogger control panel), and do the preview there.

It wasn't just me, either. Checking the Blogger help community, I found a ton of posts about this, on pretty much all operating systems and browsers, with some dated this month. A tip about fixing the problem on Safari worked for me. The key (somewhat obvious in hindsight) is that Blogger needs permission to open a pop-up. This was not entirely obvious to me, since I don't consider opening a tab the same as opening a pop-up, but so be it. In Firefox, with any Blogger screen displayed, click the padlock icon in the URL bar, and under "Permissions" allow the site to open pop-ups.

Other users said they had the same problem with Chrome, which is interesting in that preview works fine for me on Chrome, and I don't recall giving explicit permission there. At any rate, I seem to be back in business.

And yes, I previewed this entry before posting it.

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